Alia Bhatt Become Highest Paid Actress According to Celebrity Brand Valuation Report


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has been in the news a lot for the last few years. Due to her personal life, she remains in the headlines but in her professional life also she is continuously growing. Alia is everywhere from films to ads and this is the reason why she has now achieved that position, knowing about which you will also be surprised.

Alia became the highest paid actress

The Celebrity Brand Valuation Report for the year 2021 has arrived. In this report, Duff & Phelps has released the list of Value Celebrities. Indian celebs like Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Akshay Kumar and Padukone are included in this list. Duff & Phelps has released this list in the 7th edition of the ‘Celebrity Brand Valuation Study, 2021’ titled ‘Digital Acceleration 2.0’. According to the report, Alia Bhatt is the most expensive celebrity of the year 2021. His valuation is estimated at 68.1 million.

Brand endorsement made expensive actress

According to the report of Duff & Phelps Celebrity Brand Valuation, Alia Bhatt emerged as the most expensive female celebrity in the year 2021. With a valuation of $68.1 million, Alia Bhatt ranks fourth and tops the India Actress category. Alia has risen two ranks as compared to the previous list. Alia is Bollywood’s busiest actress and due to many brand endorsements, she has become the highest paid actress.

salman shahrukh far behind

Although Alia Bhatt was ranked sixth in the 2020 Celeb Brand Valuation Report, she has now reached the fourth position with $68.1 million. Let us tell you that Shah Rukh Khan Brand Valuation, who had a brand valuation of $51.1 million in the 2020 report, is nowhere in the top bracket in the 2021 report. However, Salman Khan remains in eighth place with $51.6 million. The rank of Amitabh Bachchan, who was ranked ninth in the 2020 report, has also improved. His brand valuation is at the sixth position with $54.2 million.


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