A study found that Mounjaro, a diabetes treatment drug, aided dieters in losing a substantial amount of weight, up to 60 pounds.

A recent study revealed that the medication found in the diabetes drug Mounjaro, when combined with an intensive diet and exercise regimen, enabled individuals struggling with obesity or being overweight to lose a substantial amount of weight, averaging around 60 pounds, which is equivalent to at least a quarter of their body weight.

In contrast, another group of individuals who followed the same diet and exercise program but received placebo injections experienced initial weight loss, only to regain some of the weight, as reported in the journal Nature Medicine on Sunday.

“This study says that if you lose weight before you start the drug, you can then add a lot more weight loss after,” said Dr. Thomas Wadden, a University of Pennsylvania obesity researcher and psychology professor who led the study.

The findings, which were also presented at a medical conference on Sunday, affirm that the drug produced by Eli Lilly & Co. possesses the potential to be one of the most potent medical interventions for obesity to date, according to external experts.

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