A Powerball bonanza unfolded as over 150 lucky winners came forward to claim nearly $20 million in lower-tier prizes.

While the $1.76 billion Powerball jackpot was claimed by a California resident following Wednesday night’s drawing, more than 150 players across the United States secured substantial prizes ranging from $50,000 to $2 million by matching most of the winning numbers.

Two fortunate individuals, one from Pennsylvania and another from Arizona, seized $2 million each from Powerball before taxes. They achieved this by opting for the Power Play, which doubled their initial prize. The winning combination consisted of the numbers 22, 24, 40, 52, and 64, along with the Power Play option.

Additionally, seven players who matched the first five numbers in the October 11 drawing became instant millionaires, winning a pre-tax prize of $1,000,000. These fortunate winners hailed from:

  • California (2)
  • Florida (2)
  • New York (1)
  • Oklahoma (1)
  • Virginia (1)

Furthermore, an additional 24 tickets earned Powerball players $100,000 each when they matched four out of the first five numbers and included the Power Play option.

In addition, 121 Powerball players celebrated a $50,000 windfall from Wednesday night’s drawing by correctly matching four of the first five numbers without opting for the Power Play.

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