A BMW SUV, valued at over a crore, was found to have ₹14 lakh in cash inside it.

Bengaluru police have said the investigation is on and no arrests have been made yet

Cash amounting to nearly ₹14 lakh was stolen from a parked BMW car in Bengaluru. The theft occurred when a man shattered the driver-side window, climbed inside, took the cash, and fled on a motorcycle with his accomplice. The incident was captured by a CCTV camera at the location where the car was parked. Police are currently investigating the case, and no arrests have been made yet. The CCTV footage shows two masked men near the BMW X5 sedan, which is valued at over a crore. Both individuals are seen wearing masks to avoid identification, with one riding a motorcycle while the other shatters the car’s window and takes the cash. Police have registered a theft case and are in pursuit of the suspects.

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